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  • MIC29302
Type CO IN OUT OUT SOT Print Iq Features Other Package Price 200pcs
MIC5219 MCP 12V 3.3V 500mA -/SOT23-5 LG33 130uA High-Voltage-Current 1.7@SZLCSC
MIC2930x Micrel TO263-5 -20-60V 3A
MIC2533 Micrel SOT23-5 2.3-36V 100mA 0.1~0.5uA (0.01uA) - -
MIC5205 Micrel SOT23-5 2.5-16V 150mA 5uA KB50
MIC5225 Micrel SOT23-5 2.3-16V 150mA 29uA - -
MIC550x Micrel SOT23-5 2.5-5.5V 300mA 38uA 175u Vrms

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