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Quick Start Guide

  • Attach antenna, this is important for GPRS, not very important for call o SMS message.
  • Make sure sim card is inserted correct
  • And as always, please don’t make an auto-dialer
  • Check power input, for MIC29032, it is 5-20V, MP2315 IC is 5-24V.
  • Supply V-MCU, which is the same power supply voltage to your MCU, normally 5V or 3.3V
  • Pin Definiiton
VCC - board VCC and V-MCU
GND - board GND
TXD - board R
RXD - board T
  • If board us on power key button, it will auto power up, otherwise hold down power key for 3-5 seconds to boot
  • Check power led should be constant on, and Net led blink status will change after network registered.
  • Serial output +CPIN: READY means sim card detect correctly.
  • Please try following AT commands, notice commands end up with \r\n


File name Model Type Version
File:SIM868 RF Design Application Note V1.00.pdf SIM868 APP-note 1.00
File:SIM800 Series GNSS Application Note V1.00.pdf SIM808 APP-note 1.00
File:SIM800_Series_Bluetooth_Application_Note_V1.01.pdf SIM800 APP-note 1.01
File:SIM800H BT Application Note V1.00.pdf SIM800H APP-note 1.00
File:SIM800 Hardware Design V1.08.pdf SIM800 HD 1.08
SIM800C-Hardware-Design-V1.00 SIM800C HD 1.00
Sim800c-ds-dardware-design.pdf SIM800C-DS HD 1.00
SIM800L_Hardware_Design_V1.00 SIM800L HD 1.00
Sim800h-Hardware-Design-v1-00.pdf SIM800H HD 1.00
File:SIM800 Series AT Command Manual V1.09.pdf SIM800 AT-commands 1.09
File:SIM800 Series AT Command Manual V1.09.pdf SIM808 AT-commands 1.09
SIM868 Brief Specification SIM868 SPEC -
Another SIM868 Brief SIM868 SPEC -
File:SIM868 Reference Design V1.01(160310).pdf SIM868 HD Reference 1.00
SIM868 hardware design guide SIM868 HD 1.00
File:SIM868 Footprint(160310).pdf SIM868 HD-footprint 1.00
File:SIM868 Pin out(160120).pdf SIM868 HD-pinout 1.00
Protel99 original design file SIM808 HD-design file -
Sim808 Dev Board user manual SIM808 User Manual 1.0
File:SIM808 Hardware Design V1.00.pdf SIM808 HD 1.00
File:SIM808 CE Certificate.pdf SIM808 Certificate -


Arduino library


File Model Type Version
SIM908_Hardware Design_V1.06 SIM908 HD 1.06
Sim908 General Specification SIM908 SPEC -
SIM908 AT commands 1.02 SIM908 AT-commands 1.02
Eagle Library link SIM908 LIB -
SIM908 EVB Schematics SIM908 HD-design file -

Video tutorial


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