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Based on STM32F103

Official Based on LPC


Official Git


  • Use DAPlink firmware, generate MDK files

run command to update tools:

pip install virtualenv
virtualenv venv

again to generate MDK files

pip install -r requirements.txt
progen generate -t uvision

open any lpc11u35 started folder, "tiny" here, open by MDK and choose "migrated to device pack", compile and can flash into DAP link, device "LCP11U35FHI33" here.


  • Keil MDK 5 in Pack Installer ->install CMSIS 4.5.0,and install to Keil, in folder Keil_v5\ARM\Pack\ARM\CMSIS\4.5.0\CMSIS\DAP\Firmware
  • Raw firmware demo code in Keil 5 - C:\Keil_v5\ARM\PACK\ARM\CMSIS\5.0.1\CMSIS\DAP\Firmware\Examples\LPC-Link-II
  • Firmware JLX (similar to x893) - File:CMSIS-DAP.zip
  • Firmware dap42 (F042) - https://github.com/devanlai/dap42
  • Firmware x893 hardware design git (F103)- https://github.com/x893/CMSIS-DAP

Driver and use guide