DC-DC Boost

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Boost ICs Guide

Chip Footprint Input Output
SX1308 SOT23-6 24V 28V / 2A
FP6291 SOT23-6 6V 12V / 2.5A
FP5139 ? ? ?
Example Example Example Example
  • FP6291 - 12V / 2.5A - Feeling Tech
  • ME2108 / ME2188
  • MAX682
  • SGM6603
  • TPS61023 3.7-A Boost Converter with 0.5-V Ultra-low Input Voltage
  • TPS6123x High Efficiency Synchronous Step Up Converters with 5-A Switches
Type Input Output Features Package from Iq Perpherial
XL6009 / XL6019 SEPIC 5 - 32V / 5 - 40V 4A / 5A 400KHZ, 94% TO263-5L XL
SX1308, PL2628, MT3608, SDB628, FP6291 2-24V 28V / 2A 1.2MHz 96% SOT23-6 -
PT1301 0.3-7V 2A 500Khz 90% SOT23-6 -
QX2304 0.9V~5.0V 2.5V~5.0V 300Khz :95% SOT-89 QX 15uA 3

  • TPS6104x - SOT23-5, up to 28V, 400mA
Solution and link Footprint Current Type Feature Efficiency?
RT9266 SOT23-6 1A Boost-switching Tiny Package, High Efficiency, Step-up DC/DC Converter 90
ME2149 SOT23-5,SOT89-5,SOP8 2A or 8W Boost 90
gs3660 Tssop8 3A Boost-switching - -
CE8301/BL8530(E50D) SOT89 0.6A Boost
LY1038 SOT23-6, SOT89 0.4A Boost
LM2577 TO263-5 2A-3A Boost
LTC1871 TO263-5 6-10A 100W Boost-switching Wide Input Range, No RSENSE™, Current Mode Boost, Flyback and SEPIC Controller -
? 5A 120W Boost
UC3843 + SBR20A45CT 10A 150W Boost-switching 500Khz 95
? 7A 200W Boost
UC3843 + 20100CT 15A 600W Boost-switching 500Khz
HX3242 (HXN=AP, HXN AP) 2.5A?
  • Direct battery Boost
  • FP6276 / FP6717 - 500kHz 5A High Efficiency Synchronous PWM Boost Converter
  • ME2109

The rest

  • G5177 5V/2A battery
  • AP3012 - 1.5MHz STEP-UP DC-DC CONVERTER , High Efficiency up to 81%, Adjustable Output Voltage up to 29V
  • TPS61087/TPS61088 - 650-kHz,1.2-MHz, 18.5-V Step-Up DC-DC Converter With 3.2-A Switch
  • TP8350
  • SD628 - B6287m TW 2-24Vin, 2A Iout

Selection guide

LM - http://www.ti.com/power-management/non-isolated-dc-dc-switching-regulators/step-up-boost/boost-converters-integrated-switch/products.html#p634min=10;200

  • select only Vmax >= 60V

Battery Type Boost Chips

Header text Input Voltage Vout / Iout Iq Perpherial
QX2304 0.9V~5.0V - 15uA 3
MAX1797 0.7V~5.5V up to 5.5V, 550mA 25uA 3
ME2108 0.9V~6.5V 2-7V 400mA ? 4