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  • Switching diode: 1N4148
  • Zener diode
  • Schottky diode



SMD Package

Type Size Similarity Examples
SMA/DO-214AC 5.07 X 2.53 X 2.33 2010 1N5819, 1N5822, 1N4007, SS24, SS26,
SMB 5.3 X 3.5 X 2.13 2114
SMC 7.94 X 5.91 X 2.3 3220 SS36
SOD-723 1.4 X 0.6 X 0.59 Example
SOD-523 1.25 X 0.85 X 0.65 0603
SOD-323 (SC-90) 1.7 X 1.25 X 0.95 0805 1N5819
SOD-128 5 X 2.7 X 1.1 -
SOD-123 3.68 X 1.17 X 1.60 1206 1N4148, 1N4007
SOD-80C 3.50 X 1.50 X -


  • DO-214AA
  • DO-214AB
  • DO-214AC
  • DO-213AB<-------------->MELF

Common Diodes

  • Average Rectified Forward Current = If
  • Peak Repetitive Reverse Voltage = Vrrm
  • Reverse voltage = Vr
Name Type Footprint Parameters If / Vr/Vrrm Code
1N5819 Schottky SMA 1A/40V SS14
1N5822 Schottky SMA 3A/40V SS34
1N4001 Rectifier SMA 1A/35V M1
1N4007 Rectifier SMA 1A/1000V M7
1N4148 high-speed switching SOD-123 150mA/75V T4
1N4448 Signal Fast Switching Diode SOD-123 300mA/75V/100V T4
1N5819 SOD-123 (Common use), SOD-323 SL
BAT60J small signal Schottky diode SOD-323 3A/ /10V



  • The most common function of a diode is to allow an electric current to pass in one direction (called the diode's forward direction), while blocking current in the opposite direction (the reverse direction).
  • Reference link
  • Vrrm = Repetitive peak reverse voltage, Peak Repet. Reverse Voltage
  • Ifav = Max. average forward rectified current


Model Peak Repet. Reverse Voltage (Vrrm) Average Rectified Current (Io) PTH Type Footprint SMD Print
1N4001/2/3/4/5/6/7  50/100/200/400/600/800  1A  General Purpose Diode DO-41 SMA*M7, 1206/SOD-123FL*A7
1N4148/4149  100V/40V  200mA FAST SWITCHING DO-41 0805/SOD-323(T4)
1N4152/4153  40V  200mA  General Purpose Diode DO-41
1N4448  75V  200mA  General Purpose Diode DO-41
1N4938  200V  500mA  General Purpose Diode DO-41
1N5819 40V 1A  Shottky Barrier Diode DO-41 SMA(SS14), 0805/SOD-323(S4), 1206/SOD-123(SL)
MBR0520/30/40/60 20/30/40/60V 0.5A Shottky Barrier Diode DO-41 SOD-123(B2)
1N5822 40V 3A  Shottky Barrier Diode DO-41 SS34
MBR120 - 1200 20V-200V 1A Shottky Barrier Diode DO-41
MBRA120 - 100 / 140 40V 1A Shottky Barrier Diode DO-41
SR260 (SR220-SR2100) / SR360 (SR320-SR3200) 60V / 60V  2A / 3A Shottky Barrier Diode DO-41 SS36
SB2100 SR2100 (SB220 ... SB2100)  100V  2A  Shottky Barrier Diode DO-41
FR107 1000V 1A  Fast Recovery Diode DO-41 F7, RS1M
FR102 100V 1A  Fast Recovery Diode DO-41 F2



  • DO-214AA, SMBJ (voltage) (Bi-directional) (A 5% tolerance)



  • Provent wrong connection - serial forward connect a viode, will have 0.7V dropout.
  • Over voltage protection - reversed connect in power, when voltage over diode voltage, will short connect power. Fuse resistor should also added.
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