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* EMBT1082
* EMBT1082
== EMBT_S01 ==
== EMBT_S01 ==
== EMBT_S02 ==
[[File:EMBT02 diagram.png|thumb|right]]
=== Audio Source Transmission Function ===
* Support to send MP3 audio source from 3.5mm AUX in, output dual channels output tranmission
* Support to send MP3 audio source from U disk playback (customize only, not available on this standard board)
* Support to send MP3 audio source from computer USB sound card
* Support bluetooth speaking from on board microphone
=== Audio Receive Function ===
* Support dual sound channel output, so left +right
* Support AUX 3.5mm in.
* Support to play MP3 or WAV from U disk
* Support to use as USB sound card and USB sound MIC
=== Function switch ===
* Function switch by buttons, press button and power up will switch role mode
* In receive mode, long press for switching device mode: bluetooth, AUX,
* In send mode, long press to pause
* In both mode, short press to control sound volume
=== Other Note ===
* Only can pair with one receiver when in transmission mode
* Support bluetooth earphone, audiobox, car audio box, etc,
* The receiver audio device password must bee 0000, most device are so
* Module both transmission and receiving are dual sound channel mode
* Transmission distance is 10M
* If multiple devices are pairing, it will connect randomly, but only connect to one target
* Short press to control sound
* '''please notice when connect to PC USB, it will be act as USB sound card''', can not be paired, LED also blink in different frequency.
* On board serial port for developer testing only, you can not use it.
== EMBT-1025 ==  
== EMBT-1025 ==  

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  • EMBT1082



Functions EDMMT2 Header text
Bluetooth Audio Yes Example
BLE data Yes Example
SPP data Yes Example
SPP or BLE data + Play Yes Example
U-disk play Yes Example
TF-card play Yes Example
MP3 Yes Example
FLAC Yes Example
APC Yes Example
Record mode 128KBS Yes