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List of the boards

Consistent Functions


IIC: IO4 and IO5

  • IO4 and IO5 hs pull up resistors for IIC bus to use
  • Demo code for IIC OLED screen for LUA can be found at nodemcu github, /master/lua_examples/u8glib/ this folder, or click here to browse.
  • To remove the pull-up resistor, find the 2x two-very-close-pin on the right side of break away header pin 4 and pin 5, use knife to cut them, then 4.7K resistor will be disconnected. Also can add solder to re-connect them later.

DHT Sensor

  • Please connect the board to sensor by wires, because the PCB and relays will generate heats!!
  • DHT22 support plug on to use, feel free to use wires or socket to settle the DHT sensor, pin definition is 3V3, data, NC and GND
  • Default firmware has DHT module enable, upload example code will work directly. demo code here., or download lua sketch, in esplorer run DHT22.lua direct to read temperature humidity

General Pin Definition

  • Pin Definition for standard esp relay board, relay VDC board, relay SPDT board.
ESP8266 Pins Board Pins Note Function
IO12 Relay 1 (or 2) - relay 10A load max.
IO13 Relay 2 (or 1) - relay 10A load max.
IO16 Status LED - -
IO14 reserved DHT22 socket pull-up 10K resistor
IO4 (board silk print maybe wrong with IO5, please check) DHT22 pull-up 4.7K resistor, can be disconnected
IO5 (board silk print maybe wrong with IO4, please check) DHT22 pull-up 4.7K resistor, can be disconnected
IO0 button BTN2 pull-up 10K resistor Hold down then power up to enter into flash mode
IO2 button BTN1 - programmed for clear config from code version 1.2
IO15 - - -


B004 box.jpg
  • Case size see on the image.

Projects (if you want list please let me know)

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