Eagle Layers

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Layers in Gerber

Layerlist of eagle.png
Number Name Descrpition
1 Top topper copper trace
2-15 Middle On multi-layer boards with the professional version of Eagle, you also have access to layers 2-15
16 Bottom bottom copper trace
17 Pads Normal pads for PTH components (Parts through holes)
18 Vias Example (For lines goes from bottom to top or vice verse, help you draw lines easy)
19 Unrouted unrouted airwires
20 Dimension draw the outline of your PCB on this layer, help the manufacturer to cut it easily, without this outline, it's can't be made.
21 tPlace is used to draw lines that will be rendered as the silk screen on your PCBs
22 bPlace -
23 tOrigins -
24 bOrigins -
25 tNames is used to hold the unique 'names' for each part on your PCB (ex. C1, R5, X12, etc.)
26 bNames -
27 tValues is used to hold the value for each part (such as 10K, 0.1µF, AT86RF212, etc.)
28 bValues -
51 tDocu is used for documentation purposes, such as drawing the mechanical dimensions of your part (more on that shortly!). Normally this layer isn't printed on the PCBs, but it's very important for documentation and for PCB design.

Setup default layer color

  • use script for each design project
  • copy and edit mycolor.scr, edit your own color, color number 0 is white in color palette, and same for the rest