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Quick Start Guide

  • Use open source code from here IRremote, use Sketch IRrecord
  • Change recv pin (receiver) to 2, button pin to 4, led pin to 6:
int RECV_PIN = 2;
int BUTTON_PIN = 4;
int STATUS_PIN = 6;
  • The sketch use default send pin 3, no need to define.
Action Header text Status LED
Receive/Record point your IR send device, and send signal to shield blink
Send Out Press button 4 to send out, if use a cell phone camera point to transparent IR LED, you will see red signal inside when sending. Blink

Common Protocols

Type Standard singal compose Use ICs
NEC, Apple, TiVo and Pioneer Protocols 940nm 38k * user code1 + user code2 + command code + reversed command code, only need to decode out the user code 1, user code 2 and command code, 1C 2F 33 most common, common IR remote controller, Changhong, uPD6121, uPD6122, TC9012, and compatible ICs: PT2221, PT2222, SC6121, SC6122, SC9012
Sony 8, 12, 15 and 20 bits. 38 kHz, 40 kHz / TSOP receivers exclusively by Sony
Philips RC5, RC5-7F, and RC5-7F-57 13, 14 bits, 36 38 57khz invented by Phillips but is very common and used by a variety of manufacturers
Phillips RC6, RC6-6-20, Replay and MCE Protocols 16 20 32 bits ... was invented by Phillips but is used by wide variety of manufacturers
JVC, JVC protocol Example Example is used by equipment made by that manufacturer
Panasonic_Old, Scientific Atlantic, Cisco, Time Warner, Bright House is used by some cable boxes and DVR's manufactured by Scientific Atlantic and Cisco
NECx Protocol It differs in timing from NEC only by the length of the header. similar to the original NEC protocol. It is used by NEC and a variety of other manufacturers especially Samsung televisions.
Samsung36 protocol is a somewhat strange 36 bit protocol used by some Samsung devices especially Blu-ray players.
G.I. Cable protocol is used by some Motorola cable boxes and DVR's manufactured by General Instruments.
DirecTV protocol It comes in six different varieties. It uses three different frequencies of 38, 40, or 57 kHz. It also uses two different varieties of lead out times of either 9000 µs or 30,000 µs. is used by that manufacture's set top boxes.
Phillips rcmm protocol is sometimes known as the Nokia protocol but is most famous because it is used by set-top boxes for AT&T U-Verse cable systems
  • Unknown Protocol: Midea, Aimeite, topway

IR remote and receiver Kit

Remote Pin Definition

Customer Code:00FF

Pin Definition

  • VCC: External 3.3V-5V voltage (can be directly connected to 3.3/5v MCU)
  • GND: GND External
  • IN: This is the digital output, connect to external MCU IO, IO ports have been designed 10K pull-up resistor

There some pins are available on the base board for further customize.

Arduino IR Infrared shield

Pin definition

IR shield Arduino Digital Set for IRremote library - IRrecord sketch
IR receiver D2 IRcv_pin
IR transmitter D3 PWM default for IRremote IRsend
Button 1 D4 or BUTTON_PIN
Button 2 D5 or BUTTON_PIN
Arduino D13 or STATUS_PIN


  • Schematic has updates


Arduino Library