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LGT8F08/88/328 (AVR Compatible)

8F328 Board Features

  • 8F328P-U MCU used by the LGT8F328P, is a Atmel MEGA328P compatible chip.
  • 8F328D architecture design is relatively new, peripheral functions far stronger than Atmel MEGA328. Especially the program encryption ability is far more than MEGA328.
  • 8F328D can use 3V3 and 5V power supply running at 16M frequency, excellent level compatibility.
  • Built-in high-precision RC, no external crystal can be stable operation.
  • Less peripheral parts, circuit design is simple.
  • 12-bit ADC (analog-to-digital conversion)
  • On board DAC
  • Owned GUID (unique ID) can be used for chip program encryption
  • Built-in internal 1.024V / 2.048V / 4.096V ± 1% calibratable reference voltage source

The feature compare

Feature LGT8F328P atmega328P
DAC output Yes -
Internal reference resoltuion ±0.5% ±1.5%
PWM dead zone control Yes -
High current push - pull PWM Yes -
Computing Accelerator (DSC) Yes -
Stacking expansion system Yes -
Speed 32M 16M

LGT8F684/690, LGT8P653/663 (OTP) - PIC Compatible



  • MIC8S - MIC8S 8-bit Microprocessor Core
  • SWD - SWD production/test interface
  • PMU - power management unit
  • RTU - reset management unit
  • XIO - Crystal I/O
  • AIO - analog I/O
  • DIO - Digital I / O
  • CM1/2 - Analog Comparator 1/2
  • ADC - 12-bit multi-channel analog-to-digital converter (ADC)
  • DAP - gain programmable differential amplifier
  • Timer0/2 - 8-bit timer/counter 0/2
  • Timer1 - 16-bit timer/counter 1
  • CCP - Compare/Capture/PWM Generation Unit
  • DAC1/2 - 6-Bit DAC 1 / 2 or 10-Bit DAC
  • RCM 1/8/16MHz - Calibrated RC Oscillator with 2/16/32MHz Multiplier Output Mode
  • RC32K 3- 2KHz Low Power RC Oscillator
  • 1.2V/IVREF - 1.2V ±1% Calibrated Internal Reference Voltage
  • INTC - interrupt controller


Programming Guide

Toolchain use

  • IAR Embedded Workbench 8.0 for AVR
  • Hardware download and debug tool - SWDICE mkII Pro
  • Code downloader tool - lgtmix_isp

Use in arduino IDE LGT8F328D

  • All of our boards already had arduino bootloader
  • Install larduino HSP from here DL to get support in arduino IDE, install guide refer to "Install.txt"
  • Choose board larduino-core w/LGT8F328D, the rest is the same as use arduino pro mini.
  • Detail guide please see here. File:LGT8FX8D mini arduino app.pdf


To Arduino Guide



LGT toolchain

  • Current available board, ocrobot board 8f328p or d, arduino xi 8f328d, larduino mini (retired) 8f88a, itead lite (retired)

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