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* See common used amplifier on this page [[Amplifier]]
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== Instruction of Microphone breakout board ==
* Strength of the ambient sound source module than the threshold value, DO (Signal) port output high, when the external ambient sound intensity exceeds the threshold, the module D0 Output LOW
* Output signal can directly connect to the IO of MCU
== Schematic ==
File:Sound Voice Microphone Sensor Module V1.png | Microphone sensing breakout schematic
File:Amplified_Mic_sch.jpeg | amplified mic with opa344
File:Max9814_sch_01.png | MAX9814 MIC AMP
== Documents ==
* [[:File:6-5_EM-6050U specs.zip|Datasheet of microphone]]
* [[File:Mic-Testing-v10.zip|Example PIC ADC Code]]
* Project:  [http://negativeacknowledge.com/2008/06/11/final-lightbar-controller/ Example Audio LED control project by Adam Greig]
* Max9812 Datasheet - [[File:MAX9812-MAX9813L.pdf]]
== Selection ==
* MAX9812
* MAX9814
* SSM2167
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