Microware Radar Sensor

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Pin Definition

  • 3.3V - LDO 3.3V output
  • GND - ground
  • OUT - outout signal, detect when object move on front
  • VIN - power supply in 4-28V
  • CDS - enable the IC, when lower than 0.7V, output keep on low TTL signal.


  • Voltage 4-28V
  • Current 3mA
  • Detect distance 5-9M
  • Transmit power 20mW
  • Output drive capability 100mA
  • Output signal 0 or 3.3V
  • working temperature -20~80
  • storage temperature -40~100


  • C-TM: repeat trigger time, default 2S, add capacitor can increase repeat time. The method is checking 9196 IC pin 3 frequency, trigger time T = (1/f) * 32768
  • R-GN: detect distance, connector resistor, distanct get short. default 7M. for 1M resistor, detect about 5M.
  • R-CDS: internal VCC connect between IC pin CDS and R-CDS pin, via 1M internal resistor. CDS connect photocell, can close sensor on night. You can set R-CDS value by the needs of ambient light.

Use note

  • Should have no any metal on front ot sensing area
  • Should keep at least 1CM space free
  • sensor and installation better keep parallel.
  • sensor front is main sensing area, back side sensing capability is less better
  • The sensor can not be implement on same area in the same time, or will have interference. Each should have at least 1 meter gap.

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