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  • Find execuatble file at C:\Program Files\Nordic Semiconductor\nrf-command-line-tools\bin\nrfjprog.exe
  • Or similar

Test commands:

  • nrfjprog -v

nrfjprog (command line) + nRFgo Studio

Try command line Check J-Link Interface

  • nrfjprog -i
C:\Users\Administrator>nrfjprog --com
69664564    COM49    VCOM0
C:\Users\Administrator>nrfjprog --ids


  • nrfjprog -f nrf52 --program C:\MDKARM_v5\ARM\PACK\NordicSemiconductor\nRF_Examples\11.0.0-2.alpha\peripheral\blinky\pca10040\blank\arm5\_build\nrf52832_xxaa.hex --sectorerase
  • nrfjprog -f nrf52 --recover
  • nrfjprog -f nrf52 --program feather_nrf52832_bootloader-0.2.13_s132_6.1.1.hex --sectorerase

Reset target

  • nrfjprog -f nrf52 --reset

More command line see at: