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(Animation Tutorial)
(Animation Tutorial)
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File:Add_new_layer_dimension.gif | 5. build a seperated mechanical layer to export.
File:Add_new_layer_dimension.gif | 5. build a seperated mechanical layer to export.
File:Penalize_on_board_edge2.gif | 6. make sure board edge is fully stacked together.
File:Penalize_on_board_edge2.gif | 6. make sure board edge is fully stacked together.
== Common PCB Error ==
File:PCB_common_error_1_solder_mask.png | No solder mask

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Manufacturing capability

Please adapte this to your own "DRC(Design Rule Check)" tool, to make sure your board reach the manufacturing limits.

Common-Used Design Ruled DRC

Name Min. inch (mm) Max. Eagle CAD Default
Trace Width/Spacing 6/6 mils (0.15 mm) - 10/8 mils
Via/Hole Spacing 6 mils (0.15 mm) - 8 mils
Drilling hole (vias) 10 mils (0.25 mm) * 250 mils (6.35 mm) Sizes 24 mils
Min. stop mask 4 mils (0.1 mm) - Masks 4 mils
Min. copper/trace to ground spacing 8 mils (0.2 mm) - 40 mils
  • Minimum milling groove width 0.8mm
  • A lot numbers will cost extra

Use the minimal settings in eagle

Other Manufacturing Limits

Type Specs Note
PCB Type FR-4 from KB company -
Maximum size 1200mm X1200mm more than 550mm prices will increase
Dimensions accuracy of board ± 0.2mm -
Thickness range 0.40~3mm -
Thickness tolerance ±10% -
Dielectric thickness 0.075 - 5.00mm -
Copper thickness 17um - 100um default 1OZ 35um, 0.035mm
Drilling Hole 0.3mm - 6.30mm -
Drilling Hole Tolerances 0.08mm -
Drilling Hole position tolerance 0.09mm -
Pour hypotenuse 30~60 ° -
Color red, blue, green, white, yellow, black -
Soldering Pads Plating HASL, ROSH (lead-free), ENIG

What do not support

  • Four layers boards
  • Blind holes (not through holes).

Extra PCB Technics

Type Description Category
Lead free ROHS free for samples, extra cost for batch production. Soldering Pads Plate Technic
ENIG Gold immersion on pads, better look, better soldering, etc Soldering Pads Plate Technic
Faster PCB in 30 Hours PCB Manufacturing will be finished in one and half day, not including shipping and handing time. Cost is 42 USD. Can not with ENIG service. Express PCB
Faster PCB in 53 Hours PCB Manufacturing will be finished in two and half day, not including shipping and handing time. Cost is 21 USD. Express PCB
2oz copper thickness Get better heat dissipation for your board, example like A4988 board. -
Board thickness Free from 0.6 till 1.6 mm, extra cost need for 0.4 and 2.0 mm thickness. (available thickness 0.4 0.6 0.8 1.0 1.2 1.6 2.0) -

Animation Tutorial

Common PCB Error



Penalized by V-cut

  • board edge should be well aligned, otherwise will be edited by us
  • board size should have bigger than 60mm length (length parallel to v-cut line), otherwise can not fit into machine.
  • gap should be bigger 3mm, otherwise can not make
  • v-cut line can not stop and turn inside of your penalized board.

Type of methods for penalization

Example 01. V-CUT, Tab Route

Example 03. Tab Route

Example 04. Tab Route + Drill Holes.

Note and Restriction of penalization


  • V-cut is a line of 0mm width
  • V-cut line can only go directly straight (not curve, no turns) without stop on the boards or any turns, so only from the end of this side to the end of other side
  • V-cut line should be in mechanical layer, line width can be 0-0.3mm, only add line width when your parts too close to the board edge.
  • V-cut can ONLY be done for board size more than 60 x 60 mm! (otherwise can not place into machine)
  • Tab routing (milling) gap need at least 3mm gap in between different designs.
  • The panelized file can be used to make stencil.
  • Options will prior to the order, for example, file with V-cut but order don't choose V-cut will still be made without V-out.

Tab Route

  • The milling width must be more than 2mm

Drill Holes Penalization

  • Add stamp holes every 0.5mm gap, and drill hole size 0.3mm diameter, and 2mm milling layer, board will only connect by stamp holes

Possible Minor Change for Production

The penalize file will have slightly modified only when errors happend on file, for example:

  • Penalize board not full in line.

Be aware this change may be different for use for making stencil


Common Gerber File Problems


  • For this reason, the manufacture will not how to cut it, even you have all the copper trace, holes, via, etc, correct, but the PCB still won't have a shape, this is impossible for manufacturing.

Drilli Format

  • Follow file read in viewmate

  • If your file is missing the T01C0.787... etc. It will can not be used.
  • These are the drill sizes and are required in the header. Note: some software will include "inline" tool sizes - which means that they are not in the "header" information at the top of the drill file but are scattered through the file just before the tool is used. This is also ok - but they must be somewhere!
  • Open your own drill file and check to see that the drill sizes are included at the top of your file. 2.4 trailing is what we use, but any format (2:3 leading, 1:5 none, etc) is OK! If it can be imported, we'll get it imported - however you may notice that the drill file looks strange during the upload since 2:4 is the default for rendering the image.

Gerber View Tool

Use with Gerber view

Gerber Required File List

  • Signal copper layers: Top layer, Bottom layer, Maybe medium layers optional
  • Soldering Stop mask layers: Top and Bottom
  • Silk screen layers: Top and Bottom
  • Drill layer and Outline (Dimension) mechanical layer:
  • Drill drawing: we call the hole character, different holes with different symbols, some still indicated next to the symbol corresponding to the pore diameter and pore number.
This is used to check the NC drill, and normally for human reading.
  • NC drill: we call drill with, see the graphics are solid (as solid round, solid oval), for practical file, and used by machine directly

The Following files are optionally:

  • Solder paste : Top and Bottom, Only for making stencil.

Gerber File Extension List

We are only accepting the following file extensions:

Format Top & Bottom Copper Top & Bottom Solder Mask Top & Bottom Silk Top & Bottom Solder Paste NC Drill Outline / Mech / Keepout Layer
Eagle cmp+sol stc+sts plc+pls - drd, + dri* -
Orcad top+bot smt+smb sst+ssb spt+spb thruhole.tap -


  • The "*" file may not very necessary.
  • Dri (For eagle) - Drill Station Info File
  • Drl (For eagle) - Excellon Tool List

Mre similar files:

  • gpi - gerber plot information (not really useful)
  • MiddleCopper 1-99

Output Gerber

PCB Production Cost List

Area Weight Area example Film Cost Board Cost Engineering Cost
  • Basic unit (BU)
  • 0.001 M^2, 10CM^2
  • 0.0032KG
  • 3.2G
  • 1x1cm*1set
$0.08 $0.12 $10
  • BU*100 = (standard PCB service)
  • 0.1 M^2
  • 5x20cmx1set
  • 4x25cmx1set
  • 10x10cmx1set
  • Special film cost and engineering free for 10x10
¥30 ¥65 ¥50
0.2 M^2 0.64KG
  • 10x20cmx1set
¥45 ¥90 ¥50
0.25 M^2 0.8KG
  • 10x25x1set
¥60 ¥115 ¥50
0.5 M^2 1.6KG
  • 5x20cmx5set
  • 25x20cmx1set
¥120 ¥225 ¥50
1 M^2 3.2KG
  • 50x20cmx1set
¥240 ¥450* ¥50


  • Castellated holes

PCB Form

Speces - - - -
layers 1 2 4 6 8
Output Type Single Continious(As file) Countinious(By our engineer) -
Size ? x ? mm - - - -
Quantity ? pcs - - - -
Technic Edge (If single, or penalized by us) ? mm up/bottom left/right all none
Penalize Rules (If penalized by us) ? x ? pcs - - - -
Thickness 0.6 0.8 1.0 1.2 1.6 2.0 (+100) 2.5 (N/A now)
Copper Thickness 1oz 2oz
Min. Trace Width/Spacing 6/6 mil 5/5 mil (+15) 4/4 mil (+65) 3/3 mil (N/A now)
Min. Drill 0.3 mm 0.25 mm (+30) 0.2 mm (+30)
Stop Mask Color Green Blue Red Yellow Black Near-Black White
Character Color White Black
Stop-mask Cover Vias covered Vias not covered If gerber files then all defined by gerber!
Solder Pads Plate Lead Lead Free (+30) Gold Plated (+100)
Test Numbers 0
Test Method Sample Free
Half-hole None Default Yes
Impedence None Default Yes


  • Stop Mask on the Vias?

Yes, stop mask will cover the vias, but not the pads, please be aware on this point.

  • What is dimension requirement of Drilling?
  1. Drilling as not padding diameter range from 0.3 mm to infinity
  2. Drilling as pads diameter range from 0.3 mm to 6mm
  3. Drill shape doesn't not support rectangular, most of other shape are no problem.
  • What is the price for different board thickness?

For 0.8 - 1.6 mm thickness board, the price is default, without this arrange there will be an extra charge.

  • What is the price for board over size 10*10 CM

Please contact us to get a quote.

  • What is lead time of this service

For 5*5 cm and 10*10 cm sample PCBs, the lead time is 4-6 days that not including Sunday. For more than 50pcs 10*10 cm batch or similar to that, we will have 2-3 days extra for production.