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SIM800C Version Definition

PN Header text Note AT+GMR
S2-1068S-ZIL1D 24M, basic version 1068S 1418B06SIM800C24 1418B 06 SIM800C24
S2-10686-ZIL19 24M+BT 10686 stopped 1418B07SIM800C24_BT 1418B 07 SIM800C24 _BT
S2-10686-ZIL1E 24M+BT 10686 1418B08SIM800C24_BT 1418B 08 SIM800C24 _BT
S2-10686-ZIL0T 24M+BT 10686 -

S2-10688-ZIL0S EAT version 10688 (series are EAT version) -
S2-10698-ZIL0S EAT version 10688 (series are EAT version) -