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Basic AT Commands

CMD return Note
AT+CPIN? check if simcom present +CPIN:READY, OK
AT+CSQ signal quality CSQ:20,0
AT+CREG? register network? +CREG:0,1, OK; +CREG:0,2 not registered

  • AT - AT test
Command Description Return Result
AT+ATE1 on/off AT commands return info send either ATE0 or ATE1 -
AT+CGMI Check the module manufacturer SIMCOM_Ltd
AT+CGMM Check the module model type SIMCOM_SIM900A SIM900A
AT+CGSN Check the module IMEI, worldwide unique 869988012018905 869988012018905
AT+CNUM Check the number of current sim card, not all kinds of card support this function +CNUM:"","15902020353",129,7,4 phone number 15902020353
AT_CSUB Check module version and IC type
AT_CGMR Check module firmware version
AT+CRESET reset module
AT+CSQ check signal quality +CSQ:30,0 30 is the quality of signal, max at 31
AT+CPIN? check sim card status +CPIN:READY Sim card is found
AT+COPS? check card service provider +COPS:0,0,"CHINAMOBILE" or empty CHINAMOBILE is the service provider
AT+CREG? check network registration status
AT+CPSI? check UE system info
AT+CNMP network selection commands, 2:automatic, 13: GSM only, 38: LTE only, 48: Any modes but LTE OK
  • Check module version, vendor, name, etc -> AT+GSV, return 1418B05SIM800C24_BT, this is bluetooth version
  • check baudrate AT+IPR?, set by AT+IPR=115200, AT+IPR=0 for auto detect.


  • [2020-04-03 23:22:43.797]: [I]-[ril.proatc] +CENG:1,1
  • [2020-04-03 23:22:43.800]: [I]-[ril.proatc] +CENG:0,"0041,18,99,460,00,28,4072,06,05,9785,255"
  • [2020-04-03 23:22:43.808]: [I]-[ril.proatc] +CENG:1,"26,13,460,0,19,4071,9785"
  • [2020-04-03 23:22:43.812]: [I]-[ril.proatc] +CENG:2,"22,13,460,0,55,4073,9785"
  • [2020-04-03 23:22:43.814]: [I]-[ril.proatc] +CENG:3,"614,15,460,0,11,0,9785"
  • [2020-04-03 23:22:43.818]: [I]-[ril.proatc] +CENG:4,"628,13,460,0,17,4043,9785"
  • [2020-04-03 23:22:43.823]: [I]-[ril.proatc] +CENG:5,"49,12,460,0,17,0,9785"
  • [2020-04-03 23:22:43.828]: [I]-[ril.proatc] +CENG:6,"37,10,460,0,52,0,9785"

Other Commands

Basic Command Group Enquery Write Command Parameters Remark and example
AT+CMEE profile AT+CMEE? AT+CMEE=2 1: use only error number code; 2: More verbose details of errors; For #2, you can see for example: +CME ERROR: SIM not inserted (Command: ATD13725585994;)
AT+IPR profile AT+IPR? AT+IPR = 9600 9600, 115200, etc serial port baud rate
AT+CFUN profile AT+FCUN? AT+IPR = 1 0=minimum Phone Functionality, 1= Full Phone Functionality, 4=disable RF circuits Set Phone Functionality


  • AT+CPIN? // AT+CPIN="123456" enter sim password
  • AT+COPS? //

System Control

  • AT+CPOWD=1 normal power off AT+CPOWD=0 emergancy power off