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GPS Commands

  • Connect GSM Port to your PC
  • GSM Baud set to automatically, GPS set to 115200 default, or use AT+CGPSIPR to reset it.
Commands Description Feedback
  • or AT+CGPS=1
  • or AT+CGNSPRW=1 for GNSS SIM868
power on GPS
AT+CGPS=0 turn off GPS
AT+CGPSRST=1 Reset and restart the GPS
AT+CGPSIPR=9600 set GPS baudate, default baudrate is 115200
  • or AT+CGPSINF=32
read GPS info e.g1. 32,172042.000,A,2234.482947,N,11353.301804,E,0.00,0.00,130515,,E,A ... OK
AT+CGPSSTATUS? check GPS status e.g1. +CGPSSTATUS: Location Unknown e.g2. +CGPSSTATUS: Location 3D Fix
AT+CGPSINFO Print GPS info to serial port
AT+CGNSTST=1 send data from GPS to serial port
AT+GSV check software version
AT+CGPSOUT GPS output port setup
  • GPS data within NEMA PC software, Use NMEA to read GPS status, in code start mode, 10-30seconds to get navigation, and 5 seconds to getvnavigation in warm start mode