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== Wiring to Controller and stepper ==
#redirect [[TB6560]]
File:TB6560 wiring to controller.png|Wiring to controller
File:TB6560 wiring to stepper.png|Wiring to stepper
== Configuration ==
[[File:PCB silk print TB6560.png|400px]]<br />
[[File:Configuration PCB TB6560.png|400px]]
* 光耦=opto-coupler
== Terminals description ==
{| class="wikitable sortable"
! Name !! Description
| +24V, GND || The power supply for motor
| A+ A- || Motor phase A
| B+ B- || Motor phase B
| CLK+ CLK- || pulse positive and negative
| CW+ CW- || direction positive and negative
| EN+ EN- || enable positive and negative
* CLK, CW and EN can be configured to work as high TTL or Low TTL
* Default TTL signal is 5V, If use 12V signal, serial connect a 1K resistor, if use 24V signal, serial connect a 2.4K resistor
* Working when CLK pulse signal is received, and enter into stop current mode when no CLK signal to lock motor
* CW run the motor clockwise on high TTL or flow TTL, and vice verse on low TTL
* EN enable module working mode on low or flow TTL, and vice verse on high TTL for stand by mode.
== Note ==
* Double check the wiring before to use, otherwise the module could be burnt.
* Do not use more than 3A motor
== Documents ==
* [[File:TB6560AHQ.pdf|TB6560 Datasheet]]
[[category:Driver Board]]

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