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Introduction VS1053

VS1053B VS1003 is the upgraded version of the chip, function, decoding strength and sound quality effects have a lot of improvement.
VS1053b is a monolithic Ogg Vorbis / MP3 / AAC / WMA / MIDI audio decoder that contains a high performance, proprietary low power DSP processor core VS_DSP, working data memory, 16KB instruction RAM for user applications and 0.5 KB of data RAM. With 8 available general-purpose IO ports and a serial port, the chip also comes with a variable sampling rate stereo ADC (support microphone / microphone + line / 2 lines), a high-performance stereo DAC and audio headphone amplifier.

For vs1003 instruction RAM only 5kb, conventional use IO port only 4. VS1053 relative to the former, the support of the music file decoding is not to determine what kind of file file suffix, but automatically identify. And VS1053 supports EarSpeaker space effects (VS1003 does not support). The same song with VS1053 play out of the effect, really much better than the VS1003, there are many students feel VS1003 murmur problems, but this problem is already in the VS1053, and his effect will make you feel and you buy The effect of the brand MP3 is no different. So that with VS1053 can do a part of their own music player!

Feature VS1053

  • Support a number of audio format decoding, including OGG / MP3 / WMA / WAV / FLAC (need to load patch) / MIDI / AAC and so on.
  • OGG (requires loading patch) / IMA ADPCM encoding for microphone input or line input audio signal
  • High and low bass control
  • With EarSpeaker space effect (with headset virtual scene space effect)
  • Single clock operation 12..13MHz
  • Internal PLL phase-locked loop clock multiplier
  • Low power consumption
  • Includes high-performance on-chip stereo DAC with no phase difference between two channels
  • Zero cross error detection and smooth volume adjustment
  • Contains a headphone driver that can drive 30 ohms
  • Analog, digital, I / O power supply separately
  • 16KB of on-chip RAM for user code and data preparation
  • Extensible I2S interface for external DACs
  • Serial interface (SPI) for control and data
  • Can be used as a slave for a microprocessor
  • Special application for SPI Flash boot
  • UART interface for debugging purposes
  • New features can be added via software and 8 GPIO

VS1003 Demo code

This example works more stable for mega.

Arduino with vs1003.jpg