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  • CH9343 - USB Android HOST芯片CH9343


USB Convert Type

USB Control Type


Models Type APP
CH9343 Android Host
CH9328 / CH9329 UART --> USB HID KM
CH9326 HID <> UART
CH9121 USB HID Devices <> UART USB cannser reader
CH9121 Ethernet <> UART

CH563 / CH568 32bit MCU + USB Example
CH558 / CH559 8bit MCU + USB x2 Example
CH551 / CH552 / CH554 8bit MCU + USB Example
CH546 / CH547 / CH548 / CH549 8bit MCU + USB + Extra Interfaces Example
CH537 8bit MCU + USB x6 Example
CH525 / CH526 8bit MCU + Power Management Example
CH395 Ethernet <> UART/Parallel/SPI
CH384 PCIE <> UART x4
CH370 / CH372 / CH374 / CH375 / CH376 / CH378 USB <> U-disk / SD Card
CH368 PCIE <> 32/8bit ISA Parallel

CH331 USB -> USB-DISK Example
CH317 USB Extension


  • CH462 / CH463 LCD Panel Drive 16bit x 8 com = 128 bot
  • CH422 / CH423 Segment display drive and IO expander
  • CH457 LED drive 32x4 or 16x8
  • CH438 UART expander
  • CH440 / CH442/3 CH444/5 Analog switch
  • CH446 Matrix analog switch

All Type

Main Category Sub 1 category Function IC
MCU USB 32bit MCU encryptied, 2xUSB, SATA2.0 CH568
MCU USB 32bit MCU encryptied, 2xUSB CH567
MCU USB enhanced 8bit MCU CH551 ~ 559
MCU USB 8bit MCU CH537, CH536
Network TCP/IP TCP/IP Protocl CH395
Network Convert Ethernet Serial Bidirectional CH9121
Network Convert Ethernet Extended Multi-Peripheral Interface CH9130
USB Control USB/SD File management CH376 / 378
USB Convert USB to Serial CH341, CH340 ...
PCI/PCIE Control PCI-Express General CH368
PCI/PCIE Convert
MCU Peripheral IO Expand
MCU Peripheral Serial Expand
MCU Peripheral Analog Switch
MCU Peripheral FIFO and 2x Port RAM
Display Drive and Keyboard Scan -

The google translation

  • CH330 - CH330 Technical Manual, USB to full-duplex serial chip, used to extend asynchronous serial ports for computers, or upgrade ordinary serial devices to USB bus. Built-in crystal oscillator, SOP-8 package, support communication baud rate 50bps ~ 2Mbps. Supports additional level-shifting devices and provides interfaces such as RS232 and RS485.

  • CH351 - CH351 technical manual, PCI bus dual serial port or print port chip for PCI to dual serial port, PCI transfer port (parallel port), this manual is about PCI dual serial port instructions.
  • CH353 - CH353 technical manual, PCI bus dual serial port and print port chip for PCI to dual serial port and a print port/parallel port, PCI to four serial port, the manual is about PCI to dual serial port and parallel port description....

  • CH376 - CH376 technical manual, easy to use U disk and SD card file management chip, support master-slave USB application, support FAT32/FAT16/FAT12, support SPI/8-bit parallel/asynchronous serial port, MCU resources occupy less, this manual is about U disk Instructions for reading, writing, and managing SD card files.
  • CH378 - CH378 Technical Manual, an easy to use USB 2.0 high-speed U disk and SD card file management chip, supports high-speed USB master and slave, supports FAT32/FAT16/FAT12, supports SPI/8-bit parallel/asynchronous serial port, the manual is about U disk and SD Card file read and write and management instructions.

  • CH395 - CH395: TCP/IP network stack chip, built-in PHY and protocol stack, supports up to 8 sockets, provides parallel/SPI/serial port control interfaces, and allows easy networking of the microcontroller
  • CH438 - CH438 technical manual, 8 serial expansion chip, each serial port to send and receive independent 128 byte FIFO, the highest baud rate 4Mbps, support hardware flow control, compatible with 16C550/16C750, 8-bit parallel port, used for single chip microcomputer and other 8 serial port expansion.

  • CH530 - Introduction to 8-bit RISC Microcontroller CH530 with Embedded USB Controller. Support USB low-speed control transmission and interrupt transmission, provide EEPROM, timer, serial port, etc., for low-speed USB devices such as USB-HID/Dog products.
  • CH534
  • CH536 - Introduction to 8-bit RISC Microcontroller CH536 with Full-Speed USB Controller Embedded. Support USB full-speed host and low-speed host, provide two Root-HUB in USB Host mode, can connect two USB devices, support USB full-speed and low-speed control transmission and interrupt transmission, batch transmission and real-time transmission, provide EEPROM, timer and PWM , serial port, SPI, etc. for USB host products
  • CH537 - Introduction to CH537 chip, 7-channel low-speed full-speed USB master/slave microcontroller, RISC, assembler programming, built-in 3-port USB host controller, and 4-channel 4USB device controller, serial port, SPI interface, etc., for USB-KVM product.


Header text Header text Header text
CH372 Example Example
CH374 USB总线的通用接口芯片 Parallel Example
CH375 USB总线的通用接口芯片 Parallel or SPI Example
CH376 文件管理控制芯片,用于单片机系统读写U盘或者SD卡中的文件 Example