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Wlan Module

  • Peripherals function see on this page.
Type Manufactuer Feature Use Spec Power Peripherals Price/RMB
BCM94322 Boardcom ab/g/n-2.4/300M-5G/300M Hackintosh
BCM94352 Boardcom ab/g/n/ac/-2.4/300M-5G/867M Hackintosh
BCM94360 Boardcom ab/g/n/ac/-2.4/450M-5G/1300M Hackintosh
MT7620A MTK 802.11n 2*2(300Mb)
  • Xiaomi (5G supported by MT7610)
  • WRTnode1 40x30
600MHz/MIPS 24K 130mA 15.3
MT7681 MTK 802.11n -
MT7628 MTK 802.11n 2*2(300Mb)
  • VoCore2
  • WRTnode2P
580Mhz/MIPS 24K
MT7688 spec page, our MT7688 page MTK 802.11n 1*1(150Mb) WRTnode2R 580Mhz/MIPS 24K, 5-Ethernet/1-USB2.0 130mA
  • SD-XC (Class 10)
  • USB 2.0 host, I2C, I2S, SPI, PWM, UART, GPIO, PCIe and eMMC
MT7610E/MT7610U MTK 802.11ac 1T1R (433Mbps) Xiaomi - PCI/USB 20.4
RT5350 MTK 802.11n 1*1(75Mb) VoCore 360 MHz/MIPS 24K 200mA
QCA9531 Qualcomm 802.11n 2*2(300Mb) WRTnode2Q 580Mhz
Model OpenWrt Header text
AR9331 Example
MT7688 Example

Popular modules

Module Specs Wifi Function
WRTNode Example Double antenna
Wooya MT7688 Dev. 128RAM 16MB NOR 802.11n 1*1(150Mb)
Wooya Modules On board sound card Example