ESP8266 NodeMCU Dev Board

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Useful link

NodeMCU 1.0 (ESP-12E)

Flashing firmware

Use ESP flash download tool or nodemcc flasher:

  • Connect the board by micro usb cable
  • Install the USB-TTL driver.
  • Open nodemcu flasher (find in 'useful link' above), in "config" section, add the nodemcu bin file on 0x0000 column
  • the advanced setting could be kept default as
SPI SPEED choose 40MHz
FLASH SIZE select 32M.
  • sect the COM port and baud rate 115200
  • Enter the board into flash mode, but this is not necessary for Nodemcu dev board
FLASH key module at this time hold down the button, then press again RST key to enter programming state, to let go.
  • start flashing and done!

  • re-connect the board, and use explore the baudrate is either 115200 or 9600(default)

Esplore 115200.png

Testing (LUA commands)

  • Connect the board and run node.restart() commands to see the reboot info
NodeMCU 0.9.6 build 20150406  powered by Lua 5.1.4
lua: cannot open init.lua
  • Using any Serial tool, type commands, should have following reply:
print("hello world")

LUA command hello.jpg

  • Using nodemcu Studio tool can execute lua commands more convenient
  • Until now the bootloader of nodemcu is working fine now!

Startup lua file init.lua

  • now the board does not have any codes file lua inside, which is similar to arduino sketch.
  • when module bootup successfully, it will run lua code file init.lua in default
  • if we want to run a custom lua code file, we can add dofile("yourfile.lua") into init.lua to let the board do so
  • example code hello world"init.lua","w+")

file.writeline([[print("hello world")]])


Old NodeMCU 0.9 (ESP-12)


  • Module based on esp8266 board, but the firmware/bootloader is not yet burned when you receive it.

Flash NodeMCU firmware

  • Install the CH341 USB-TTL driver
  • download nodeMCU firmware and nodemcu_flasher32.exe (link on the bottom of this page or click here directly), in the flasher tool point the firmware file you downloaded, latest firmware can be found at [[1]].

Nodemcu flasher32.jpg

  • connect USB cable and flash the firmware (If not auto, press the any of the button on board once then it will start)


Pin maps and schematic