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Use with Arduino

  • Thermocouple
  • Thermocouple-to-Digital Converter: MAX31855K or MAX6675

Wiring with MAX6675


The VCC MAX6675 module and GND are connected to the Arduino Uno controller 5V and GND, in order to provide power to the MAX6675, MAX6675 module signal pin SO, CS and CSK connected to digital pins 5,6,7, K-type thermoelectric even the positive and negative MAX6675 modules are connected to T and T-,

Demo code

#include "Max6675.h"
Max6675 ts(5, 6, 7);             //define SO、CS、CSK pin
void setup(){
ts.setOffset(0);               //set temperature bias
void loop(){
  Serial.print("temperature is ");
  Serial.println(ts.getCelsius(), 2);   //get temperature, and send via serial port
 delay(1000);                     //flash once per second



Arduino Library


  • MAX6755 schematic please see the datasheet
  • MAX31855 schematic below:

Max31855 datasheet.png

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