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Mainstream IC

IC Header text Header text
Nodic NRF51822 BLE 4.0 Example
TI CC2540 BLE 4.0 EY08 support IO Ctrl
TW Aihora AB1122 SPP 2.0 + BLE 4.0 Example
Beken BK3254 Audio BLE 4.0 Example

Cell Phone Operation


  • Device system use bluetooth 4.0
  • Android 4.3 OS or Apple IOS
  • Install relevant app
  • Android: BluetoothLeGatt (source code available), IO ctrl (source code available)
  • Other APK available from play store: Bluetooth LE Scanner
  • IOS: Lightblue
  • Use with IOS
  • Using with Android, Bluetooth LeGatt
  • BLE Device Scan


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