• Main used for many drinking machine, like tea machine.
  • Also widely used in household appliances, medical care, model DIY, aquarium equipment, etc. It mainly realizes functions such as pumping and cold water circulation.
  • Inflatable pool, tea maker, oil pumping station, car scrub, water-cooled notebook, mineral water cans, etc.
  • Suction pump, Aqua aeration pump!
  • Turn down the voltage and use a 3-5V voltage to do a computer thermal cycle pump!
  • Allow long time idling running. The pump body has no mechanical parts and no wear. Large amount of water, with self-priming function!


  • Operating voltage: DC 12V
  • No load current: 0.23 A
  • Load: 450 mA
  • Maximum flow: 2-3 liters/minute
  • Outlet pressure: 1-2.5 kg
  • The highest lift: 1-2.5 meters
  • Normal working time: 2-3 years.
  • Maximum suction: 2 meters
  • Inlet and outlet diameter: outside diameter 8mm
  • Motor length: 32MM
  • Motor diameter: 28MM
  • Pump length: 36MM
  • Total length: 69MM
  • Pump diameter: 40MM*35MM

Package includes main pump, two pump installation rack, one meter water tube (if you need more please contact us).

Notice: The installation rack should not cover the motor heat dispation hole.

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Weight 0.13 kg


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