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Brian Mudd
Verified ownerVerified owner

These are great, versatile boards at a fantastic price. I currently use them in place of the Arduino Nano. I am using one to control my lab power supply and 16 of them to control the lighting of our heritage railway signal system.
Thank you Electro Dragon.

6 days ago

its now working with P2.0 128×64 1/32.
Just soldered the jumper like the picture attached.

Wiki is definitely missing some information, but it works as intended.

3 weeks ago
Image #1 from ViniImage #2 from Vini

Hi people,
Did someone made this module work with P2.0 128x64 1/32?
Using the DMA library and connecting the cables manually to the display I can draw all pixels.

But, while using the module I have 2 black lines, the PIN_E pin is connected to IO18 (and soldered).

My pins configuration, using DEVKITC (switch is also set to devkitc):
#define R1 25
#define G1 26
#define BL1 27
#define R2 14
#define G2 12
#define BL2 13
#define CH_A 23
#define CH_B 19
#define CH_C 5
#define CH_D 17
#define CH_E 18 // assign to any available pin if using panels with 1/32 scan
#define CLK 16
#define LAT 4 //The strobe signals is sometimes also called latch
#define OE 15

Am I missing something?

3 weeks ago
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