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Delayed Start of Work

Hi! Wish have good a year of 2020, good health and happy... read more

Windows C Toolchain Easy Setup (Mingw + Notepad)

C compiler GCC in windows can help you to quick start with... read more

Distance Rough Test NRF24duino and Loarduino Board (Updating)

We have tried first round of test, very very simple setup, to... read more

Electrodragon boards and modules used in education

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Verified ownerVerified owner

board is working fine and fully correct

the library https://github.com/Khaalidi/HLW8032 has an issue.
due to casting integers improperly to float, it does not read current.
in the issues, you will find instructions how to fix the code.
unfortunately there is no maintenance for the code and the improvements are nor reflected to a new commit

1 week ago
Image #1 from Acep Sukirman
Acep Sukirman
Verified ownerVerified owner

good quality, low price & work for all lead-acid battery type

3 weeks ago

the RTC chip DS1307 is no supply now, either too expensive or not able to be obtained. We are using HT1307A instead for now, but don't know when could be back. This HT1307A should be full compatible as declared by the chip manufacturer, you can find the datasheet here: https://datasheet.lcsc.com/lcsc/2106071134_HTCSEMI-HT1307ARZ_C2834446.pdf

3 weeks ago
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