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Hi, if there is any silk print readability problem, please take a look at here: https://w.electrodragon.com/w/CH559
Thank you!

1 month ago
Verified ownerVerified owner

Used the board successfully with atc1441 CH559sdccUSBHost project from github to handle joystick input.

The only minor issue with my boards is that the printed io silkscreen seem to be one pin off toward USB port side of the board. For example Uart at pin P3.1 (tx) and P3.0 (rx) must be plugged near io silkscreen P3.0 and P4.7

1 month ago

I ordered 2 and have tried both the fix documented by Chao and by Ricebelly - but without success. I continue to have a black strip right through the middle of the display - same as documented above.

Based on the last two reviews, this board still seems broken. Is there some fix not listed above that actually works ?

1 month ago
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