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Thanks for the feedback!
The diode is betweent Reset and 3.3V, better have it, but also no problem if not have it.
We will also keep the back connector not soldered, but included, it is indeed a problem to put it on the table and not flat laid. Thank you again!

1 day ago
Image #1 from StefanImage #2 from Stefan
Verified ownerVerified owner

Missing the chapta for upload 🙁

2 days ago
Verified ownerVerified owner

Nice board, works out of the box with MegaCoreX (RTFM :-). Looks a bit crusty, so may be, it was too long in the oven, and has a diode more than on than on the product photo. May be something with the 3V3? Is it for the board-connector on the back if you want to drive an ESP? I don't know. Looks interesting, but can annoy when you want to put the board flat on something. Price is OK, shipping time to Germay was great! Access to the schematic is wonderful. I love the CH340K. I will exlore this board and fully recomment it!

2 days ago
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