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Delayed Start of Work

Hi! Wish have good a year of 2020, good health and... read more

Windows C Toolchain Easy Setup (Mingw + Notepad)

C compiler GCC in windows can help you to quick start... read more

Distance Rough Test NRF24duino and Loarduino Board (Updating)

We have tried first round of test, very very simple setup,... read more

Electrodragon boards and modules used in education

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4 days ago

Dependable. Works for years now.

1 month ago
Ralph Doncaster
(verified owner)

I tested the CH551 and the CH552. Both are great little boards.
I think the CH552/554 board could do without the 3V3 regulator, since the chips have a builtin 3v3 LDO.

1 month ago
Ralph Doncaster
(verified owner)

Great little boards for learning the CH55x chips (and 8052 programming in general). You can do a lot with the 10kB (actually 12kB in my testing) of flash available on the CH551. Electrodragon has documented these boards well.

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