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Delayed Start of Work

Hi! Wish have good a year of 2020, good health and... read more

Windows C Toolchain Easy Setup (Mingw + Notepad)

C compiler GCC in windows can help you to quick start... read more

Distance Rough Test NRF24duino and Loarduino Board (Updating)

We have tried first round of test, very very simple setup,... read more

Electrodragon boards and modules used in education

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1 month ago
(verified owner)
Nice sensor. In some application can replace a PIR sensor.
2 months ago
(verified owner)
Great device. Had it for two years, still going strong. My comment is that the GPIOs 4 and 5 are mislabeled on the board AND the reference photograph GPIO4 is GPIO5 and vice-versa
3 months ago
Hi, Thanks for bringing up the questions. According to the databook, 1. The LGT328P has 32KB flash, 2KB SRAM, but configurable EEPROM(shared with flash) 2. It does not have independent EEPROM port from the flash, it can be set to simulate as shared EEPROM from flash. This probably need a initialization method, which is not same to standard arduino libarry. 3. There is a method called "LPM" command to read the data structure. 4. We are poor at code, we update a C demo code from EEPROM LGT328P in the git, please see here. https://github.com/Edragon/LGT/tree/master/1-LGT8F328/Demo%20Code/lgt8f328p_eepp Please also take look into the datasheet. Thank you. Best regards,
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