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Distance Rough Test NRF24duino and Loarduino Board (Updating)

We have tried first round of test, very very simple setup, to just make sure all can work and what is the performance by default without any optimize. Setup of NRF24duino: A pair of module, both flashed with get_started sketch receiver module powered by 9V battery (on board xc6206 only support up to 6V, this


Electrodragon boards and modules used in education

We are pleased to inform that our boards and modules have been used during course “Internet of Things” at the WSB University in Wroclaw (Poland, UE). Students learned about the ability to build and programing “Smart Home” using the Electrodragon Relay boards, modules, various sensors, and LEDs and displays. PlatformiIO was used for example programming.


ESP32 Information

ESP3212 board based on ESP32 IC will be ready on around 20th, this is the date we asked from supplier ai-thinker, they said they are still debugging the board, date can not guarantee, maybe delay again. We will sell the same price as anywhere else. Most information we can find are placed on this page now.


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Recent Customer Reviews

2 months ago
(verified owner)
Good range compared to other modules. Does require good quality power supply to reach its advertised 40cm though (the video in the description was run on 3xAA/AAA type batteries!) but even on a "normal" supply you will get ~20cm. I don't know the exact range I get out of the cheap rdm6300 modules under comparable circumstances with the same card but it might be as short as ~2cm. So thumbs up for this module. Was also able to run it on 3.3V ... range seems to be the same as on 5V (at least with a crap power supply).
3 months ago
Hi Jaggit, From our test, either 3.3V or 5V the module can work, but the on board ACDC supply 5V out.