USB-TTL Serial USB COM Comm. Bridge Board, CH343P


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  • Based on CH343P Comm. Chip
    • Full speed USB device interface, USB 2.0 compatible.
    • baud rate varies from 50bps to 6Mbps.
    • Supports automatic identification and dynamic adaptation of common communication baud rate of 115200bps and below.
    • More features please check out chip wiki page.
  • Selectable 3.3V or 5V VDDIO logic level
  • Reset button ACT
  • Lead out all extra pins DCD, DSR, RTS, RI, DTR, CTS, etc
  • Reserved all-reset chip option for ESP8266, ESP32, etc
  • Type-C USB robust port
  • Remove the jumper on TXD-RXD loop to use
  • Price for one board only

All documenation please refer to this page.

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