This module is a serial port to HID device, which is recognized as a standard USB HID keyboard device on the computer. It is suitable for one-way data transmission. It can receive the data (such as ASCII code) sent by the serial port, and according to the HID keyboard device specification, package the data into a standard keyboard code value and upload it to the computer through the USB port.

Through the provided host computer software, users can also configure the chip’s VID, PID, and various character string descriptors by themselves. No need to drive, plug and play.


  • Support 12Mbps full-speed USB transmission, compatible with USB V2.0.
  • The default serial port communication baud rate is 9600bps, which supports multiple serial communication formats and various common baud rate settings.
  • Support 5V power supply voltage and 3.3V power supply voltage.
  • You can configure the chip’s VID, PID, and various string descriptors of the chip by yourself.  (upper machine software)
  • You can configure the default baud rate of the chip by yourself. (upper machine software)
  • Comply with USB related specifications and HID device related specifications.
  • A variety of working modes, application of different needs, can simulate the full keyboard function.
  • The operation of the setting mode is simple and clear, it is easy to use, convenient and fast, and the information is complete.

Use Guide:

  • Example demonstration: For example, if you want to send the string “Hello” to the computer through the serial port, select 0 for the module mode, and enter the hexadecimal number in the serial port: 0x48 0x65 0x6c 0x6c 0x6f. Open a txt text file at random on the computer, and when the serial port is sent, “Hello” will be displayed on the text.
  • Wiring: Only connect Serial TX to board RX, and GND-GND
  • Mode Change: Please add pin header and use jumpers, mode details please see here.

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