CH551 Mini USB MCU DEV Board [CH55x Series]


This is the first cheapest version of CH55x series. CH55x is the 8bit C51 MCU +  USB function board. From WCH company. All series CH551 CH552 CH554 CH559 will be avaialble.

Very cheap CH551 IC raw cost only 1.5RMB/$0.25, we will also sell it.

Possible function, and about this series please read here. (not well organized page, sorry)

Github collect most sample code, but comments in chinese.


  • USB Stick board size
  • On board power led
  • On board GPIO testing led P3.0
  • No need programmer, not even USB-TTL tool! To enter into programming mode, use a tweezer, short connect the two pins in the middle of the board, where marked as “DL”
  • All lead out pins.

Price for one board only.


Additional information

Weight 0.005 kg



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