CH552 CH554 USB MCU Mini DEV Board [CH55x Series]


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  • USB Stick board size
  • Same footprint and compatible pins for CH552 or CH554, SSOP20 package.
  • On board power led
  • On board GPIO testing led P1.4
  • On board power regulator 3.3V, jumper select 3.3V or 5V power chip.
  • No need extra programmer, not even USB-TTL tool!
  • To enter into programming mode, use a tweezer, short connect the two pins in the middle of the board, where marked as “DL”
  • All lead out pins.

Price for one board only.

All documentation please find at CH55X wiki page, or customer github.

WCH CH55x Series:

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CH552, CH554



2 reviews for CH552 CH554 USB MCU Mini DEV Board [CH55x Series]

  1. 5 out of 5

    Ralph Doncaster (verified owner)

    I tested the CH551 and the CH552. Both are great little boards.
    I think the CH552/554 board could do without the 3V3 regulator, since the chips have a builtin 3v3 LDO.

  2. 4 out of 5

    olin (verified owner)

    It is a compact board with powerful 8 bit MCU. Uploading software is quite simple via USB and there are opensource tools to that from Linux as well (make sure you use the right upload option that matches CH552 bootloader version!). The plus point is this MCU can interface old 5V TTL chips and have active communication with host PC over USB. I gave only 4 stars because there is no schematics for this board on the Wiki site (there are some schematic for 55X boards, but not for this one). The MCU should be able to operate using 3.3 Volts (and have 3.3 logic levels on GPIO pins), but the board does not seem to let you do that (at least without mods, I guess that’s why we have the 3v3 LDO on the board). Also be aware this board does not fit to a breadboard!

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