• Based on WCH microcontroller, default flashed USB CDC communication application:
    • Basic demo USB to relay control, send ‘A’ will toggle relay.
    • Baudrate 57600
    • USB send and read to UART1 interface (TX1 / RX1)

Board Features:

  • Relay Control:
    • On board 10A 250VAC, 30VDC relay.
  • Lead out all pins from the microcontroller WCH CH554.
  • ADC:
    • On board two channels of ADC, voltage divider 10K/4.7K
  • Programmable LED: P1.4, solder the front PCB solder to connect them first
  • Type-C:
    • Tested default firmware, output detecting message via uart.
    • Disconnect front P1.4 jumper and connect back jumper to use.
    • Support USB programming or any other USB functions.
  • Touch key functions:
    • On board four channel touch keys, can be programmed to control relay.
    • User can touch PCB directly or touch on touch-spring.
    • Breakable touch keys, if not use can just break away.
    • Touch part of functions are not coded in default firmware,
  • Package includes four spring-touch:
    • The height of assembled touch spring is still lower than relay
    • If you need pre-soldered touch spring please leave notes.

All documentation please find at the portal wiki here. 

WCH CH55x Series:

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