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IOIO (pronounce ‘yo a yo’) is used as a development board with Android devices specially designed piece of work.

This board provides a connection between your Android device and USB, Android applications with a simple and intuitive Java API can control this connection. IOIO board contains a microcontroller and acts as a USB function Android application interprets the command. In addition, IOIO sorted in the same way most of the microcontroller peripherals interaction with digital input / output, PWM, analog input, I2C, SPI control universal asynchronous transceiver can be. in other words, you can be amazing computing power, Internet / Bluetooth connection IOIO application board, touch screen, multi-sensor robot easily added peripherals, and it can peripheral interactions.

Product Features:

  • Have USB current limit (valid in Android mode) When acting as a USB host.
  • May switch to the master mode
  • LEO by the user in the control panel lights.
  • A USB OTG dual-mode (master mode, the device mode).
  • Size: 68.S8mm * 30.48mm
  • Weight: 8.429

Technical Parameters:

  • Voltage supply: DC5-15V
  • Communication interfaces: SPI, UART, I2C,
  • 16 analog input
  • 46 I/0 pin (digital 1/0), pull-up / pull-down / open drain pins above resistance at all.
  • 9PWM (servo drives, DC motors, LEO, etc.).
  • Output voltage: 5V, up to 3A, 3.3V, up to 500mA (!)
  • 4 UART

Package includes: IOIO OTG MPU, bluetooth adapter, break away pin header, power adapter cable, USB adapter cable

Documentation please see on this page.

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