USB PD Power Booster Supply for Breadboard, Trick Chip


The chip trap the 5V / 9V /12V / 15V / 20 V power supply from your USB PD adapter, or power bank. Power bank normally only up to 12V.

Normally output capability 3 – 1 A, for around 20W adapter.

Bring the power supply for protyping usage on breadboard, this board can directly plug into common breadboard.


  • Turn on each corresponding switch to change the voltage:
  • 5V: turn off all the switch default | 9V: 51K | 12V: 100K | 15V: 150K | 20V: 180K
  • On board power LED indicator.
  • If no load is connected, connect 500-1K 1W resistor to keep the power bank running the output and not turn off.

Simple use guide please see on this page.

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