PIC18F14K50 USB Mini DEV Board


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Based on PIC18F14K50 chip, with enhanced USB features.

The processor selected for the development board uses nanoWatt technology for significant low-power operation. The processor has four crystal modes with a maximum frequency of 48 MHz.

Board Features:
  • USB 2.0 low speed and full speed interface, supporting up to 16 endpoints
  • a full-featured serial port
  • Two buttons, reset button VPP/MCLR, programmable button RC5
  • Two LEDs, RC0, RC1
  • One adjustable resistor RB4
  • IO lead-out with 2.54mm pitch, can be mounted on the universal board
  • Pre-flashed USB-TTL serial convert firmware, notice maybe need to install PIC driver .INF
  • Reserved D+ pull up resistor option, not deployed

The development board comes with the USB Bootloader program, and the application can be programmed with the included software. No need special programmer PICKIT2/3, unless you need reflash all flash.

  • Please find all these official examples, codes in our wiki page.
  • Other potential compatible projects see here.

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