PIC Mini Development Board, PIC16F1933


Features of PIC16F1933:

  •  Is the entry level IC of PIC16F193x series.
  • Simple programming instructions, easy to learn to code.
  • Width input voltage 1.6-5.5V, very low energy use. 60 nA @ 1.8V, typical.
  • Very rich perpherial features, please refer to datasheet.
  • Up to 35 IOs, PWM, ADC, SPI, IIC, UART all common features.
  • Included segment display drive, touch pads, etc perpherial features.

Board Features:

  • On board segment display, without background light.
  • On board 2x capacitive touch pads.
  • On board one input key button INT2.
  • On board reset button.
  • On board One programmerable IO CPP2.
  • On board potentiometer, read value via AN0.
  • Lead out alone standard PIC ICP programming pins.
  • Lead out alone serial uart ports
  • Leat out alone 2*3 power pins
  • Lead out of all IC pins, could disconnect from board resources by cutting the jumper off.

All functions detailed demo code please get from here.

You may need PICKIT, or other programmer.


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