This is a integrated NB IOT + GNSS module, small integrated size and very low power consumption.

BC20 Module Main Features:

  • Compact dual-band NB-IoT wireless communication module from quectel
  • LCC package, ultra low power consumption, ultra high sensitivity
  • Multi-satellite navigation system: GPS/BeiDou/QZSS
  • Support AGPS technology
  • Support rich external interfaces and multiple network service protocol stacks, easy to use
  • Package design compatible with remote communication GSM/GPRS/GNSS modules for easy product upgrades
  • Meet customer requirements for rapid time-to-market by providing reference designs, evaluation boards, and timely technical support

Board Features:

  • Lead out all the pins from module.
  • The following pins lead out via logic shifter
    • 1PPS
    • RI, RTS, DCD
  • Default logic shifiter output use 3.3V, if you need use 5V, please supply from EXT_5V.
  • Power Supply:
    • Power supply from 5-9V VIN, GND pin
    • PSM mode power consumption down to 3.5-5uA.
    • Lead out on board LDO 3.3V pin: INT_3.3V, default use for 3.3V logic supply.
    • You can also supply 3.3V to module from external or by Li-MnO2/2S battery.
    • EXT_5V for external logic shifter supply pin.
  • The followin pins lead out directly
    • back side left: CTS
    • back side right: USB3.3V, USB_MODE, ADC, USB_DM, USB_DP, TXD_AUX, RXD_AUX
    • back side right via transistor, can be controlled by external MCU: MCU_EINT, MCU_RST, MCU_KEY
  • All in one comptaible antenna, default solder IPEX connector, you can remove it to use SMA or through-pin antenna connector too.


  • Please double check first if your network operator can support B5 or B8 band, here.
  • Other bands are still on development.
  • Please notice module 1PPS, netlight functions are still on development, so LEDs and lead out pins are NOT working. Please refer to datasheet.

Documenation please see on this page.

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