Coin Cell Bank Battery Holder Board


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This is a board with a few kinds of battery holder, help you to gain low power experiance or design battery project.

Battery Holder includes:

  • AG3
    • AG3 x1: Single AG3 battery holder = 1.55V
    • AG3 x2: Two AG3 battery holder in series = 3.1V
    • AG3 x3: Three AG3 battery holder in series = 4.6V
  • AG13
    • AG13 x1: Single AG3 battery holder = 1.55V
    • AG13 x2: Two AG3 battery holder in series = 3.1V
    • AG13 x3: Three AG3 battery holder in series = 4.6V
  • CR2032 / CR1220 Battery Holder, 3V (or Lithium 3.8V LIR2032)
  • 18650 Lithium battery 3.8V, please manually install the connector on back side
  • AA x2: Two AA battery in series = 3V, connected by jumper
  • AAA: Single AAA battery 3V
  • XH2.54mm and XH2.00mm connector input

For series connected battery, please make sure you alwasy SAME new, same brand battery, otherwise it will all failed and hot.

Other Board Features:

  • On board 2×4 revsered connection protection mosfet and fuse
  • Also direct 2×4 power output pins without protection
  • On board LED holder
  • On board pre-installed 10V/220UF capacitor to enforce the power
  • One more reserved capacitor footprint


  • Connect jumper to each two pins port to enable the power input, only connect each channel.
  • Or connect current meter to check the power drain


  • Include the main board, two 18650 battery holder which is not installed, one jumper.
  • NOT include the LED or any batteries


  • Test the quality or performance of your battery
  • Test or experiment the suitable battery for your project
  • Test low power capabitliy from the battery to your project
  • Test the power consumption of the battery or your project

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