4 Digits Segment LCD Display, uA Low Power [Version]

4 Digits Segment LCD Display, uA Low Power [Version]




  • Get a more smooth look instead of segment LCD, also cheap price to have.
  • Easily implement and directly by MCU IOs, 74HC595 or HT1621B, etc (First four COM pins, and the rest each segment)
  • 30.0*15.0/12.5*2.8mm
  • Do not support backlight
  • Middle clock format ” : “, all digit has dot ” . “
  • Very low pwoer comsuption, either bare LCD or PCB version is about 50-150uA.

Purchase Version:

  • R1 – 2pcs bare LCD
  • R2 – 1pcs HT1621 backside PCB LCD.


  • The bare LCD can NOT be drived by normal MCU IOs directly! Pins will be turned Please use HT1621 driver R2 version.
  • Please try PIC16 series, or STM8L series MCUs.

Specification and IOs see on this page.

Demo code for PCB version available in STM8 in our bitbucket, arduino code is not yet complete working.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Board version

R1, R2


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