• Support communicatoin via
    • BC35G NB IOT low power module
      • Frequency Band: B1 / B3 / B5 / B8 / B20 / B28 (B28 is still developing)
      • Cover many common frequency bands, but please check before order.
      • Communicate via UART3 of STM32
      • Jumper for checking power use.
      • On board extra reserved pins
      • SIM slot on back side of PCB board.
    • RS-232 Port
      • Communicate via UART1 of STM32
      • Jumper for checking power use.
  • Control by STM32L151 low power microcontroller
    • Jumper for checking power use.
    • PB0 PB1 PB2 PB9 programmable LED
    • PB12 programmable button
    • Reserved UART2 interface.
    • Program SWD port.
    • On board reserved DHT11 temperature sensor port via PA7
  • On board battery charger controller TP4056
    • Charge via micro USB.
    • Battery read via resistor divider by STM32 chip PA0 pin.
    • All battery protection: over current, over voltage, etc.
  • For Charge jumper and switch:
    • For charge only: jumper – top, switch – top
    • For battery power only: jumper – Any, switch – bottom
    • For USB power only, removed battery: jumper – bottom, switch – bottom
    • For USB power + charging battery together: jumper – bottom, switch – top

Documentation and demo:

  • Demo video please see here 01. or see here 02.
  • Demo free to use UDP server (receive data webpage demo) info please see here.
  • Demo full projects please see in our github NBIOT folder (after purchase)

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