ARM M0 STM32F030F4P6 Mini. Dev. Board


STM32F030F4P6 is a 0.5 USD IC, very cheap and powerful, in M0 series.  STM32 is compatible with arduino IDE, this IC maybe not yet, but still worth to try it.


  • All IO port leads (with silk screen, easy to add a variety of modules)
  • The serial port leads alone.
  • Multiple groups of 3.3V 5V power supply, it is convenient to supply power to the external function module.
  • A user LED light, A power LED light, A reset button
  • Serial download or BOOT can be selected
  • Support SWD (serial wire debug) download interface (through JLINK can download, debugg with KEIL version 5.0)
  • Support Serial TTL download

Documentation: Schematic please see wiki page. 


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Weight 0.01 kg


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