STM32F405 Mini Development Board, Micropython Compatible Pyboard


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Chip Features:

  • Onboard STM32F405RGT6 MCU;
  • 168MHz Cortex-M4 CPU with 32-bit hardware floating point;
  • Internal 1MB flash storage, 192KB RAM;
  • USB port, support for serial port, general storage, HID protocol;
  • RTC Real Time Clock;
  • 30 general IO ports, 28 of which support 5V input output;
  • 2 SPI interfaces, 2 CAN interfaces, 2 12C ports, 5 USART interfaces;
  • 14 channels 12-bit ADC pins; 2 DAC pins;

Board Features:

  • SD card slot;
  • MMA7660 3-axis accelerometer;
  • 4 LEDs, 1 reset button, 1 universal button;
  • 3.3v 0.3A onboard LDO, can be powered from USB port or external battery.

Software default flashed micropython

  • Support python REPL
  • And internal flash regonized as portable disk to upload and manage .py file.

Hardware schematic please see this page.

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