STM32F103C8T6 Mini Dev Board


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  • STM32-F103C8 main chip, soldered onto the motherboard
  • 8M crystal (up to 72M by chip PLL) ST Official standard parameters
  • LM1117-3.3V voltage regulator chip, providing maximum 800mA current
  • MiniUSB interface, you can give the system version powered USB communication functions reserved
  • Reset (download) button
  • A set of jumper pins function switch
  • Standard JTAG download port, support JLink, ULINK, STLink
  • Standard SWD download port, support JLink, ULINK, STLink
  • User IO port all the leads
  • One power indicator LED
  • Reserved functioning LED, is used to verify the basic functions of IO port
  • Size: 35x60mm
  • Two large filter capacitors to improve the stability of board
  • Attached picture show how it connected with JLINK V8, ST link V2, and USB-TTL downloader. None of this downloader included, only main PCB board included.


  • Reserved serial download interface, you can download code by using serial-TTL USB port
  • Boot 0 to GND, Boot 1 to 3V3, and using USB-TTL tool: RX->TX    TX->RX   GND->GND
  • remove Boot 0 and 1, restart it.

Note: Board updates on October 2014 with new layout.

Documentation: Schematic this on this page.

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