The basic STM8 development board, the main MCU is really cheap, and STM8 has really a lot of advantages to take a try! This is the minimum and basic boards, and has the embedded design for your projects.

  • All the boards are checked before it left out of factory, it was programmed with blinking LED program.
  • The core board is only 26 * 30mm size, to facilitate the design base for second-time development.
  • Use STM8S003F3P6 (TSSOP20) as MCU
  • Leads all the pins, and marked, two rows of standard 2.54 10P
  • Support SWIM debug mode
  • 5V or 3.3V input optional, on-board 3.3V power supply LDO, can be directly input 5V.
  • Optional external crystal (bring your own to facilitate debugging)
  • On-board power indicator light, easy to detect power supply is normal;
  • PD4 pin is connected to an LED light for easy debugging

Documentation of the schematic available here.

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