More Feature:

  •  The IAR EWARM integrated development environment seamlessly connected JTAG emulator
  • Support all ARM7/ARM9 kernel chip, as well as cortex M3, including Thumb mode
  • Support for ADS, IAR, KEIL, WINARM, REALVIEW almost all development environment
  • Download speeds ARM7-: 600kB / s, ARM9: 550kB / s, through the DCC up to 800 kB / s
  • The maximum JTAG speed 12 MHz
  • Target board voltage range 1.2V-3.3V, 5V compatible
  • Auto speed recognition
  • Monitoring all JTAG signals and target board voltage
  • Fully Plug and Play
  • USB power (but not the target board power supply)
  • With a USB cable and 20-pin flat cable
  • Support for multiple JTAG device serial connection
  • 20-pin standard JTAG emulation plug
  • With J-Link TCP / IP server, allows to use the J-Link via TCP / IP network

Supports: ARM7TDMI(Rev 1); ARM7TDMI(Rev 3); ARM7TDMI-S(Rev 4); ARM720T * ARM920T; ARM926EJ-S; ARM946E-S; ARM966E-S; ARM11; Cortex-M3

Product Specification:

  • Power: USB powered machine current <50mA
  • USB interface: USB 2.0 full-speed 12Mbps
  • Target board interfaces: JTAG (20P)
  • J-Link and target board serial data transfer degrees: maximum 12MHz
  • Supported target board voltage: 1.2 – 3.3V, 5V compatible
  • Target board supply voltage: 4.5 – 5V (USB 5V)
  • Target board power supply current: 300mA, with overcurrent protection
  • Operating ambient temperature: +5 ° C … +60 ° C
  • Storage Temperature: -20 ° C … +65 ° C
  • Humidity: 90%
  • Dimensions (excluding cable): 100mm x 53mm x 27mm
  • Weight (without cable): 70g
  • EMC: EN 55022, EN 55024

Current selling version is V9, with converter board, 1.8-5V output.

Documentation please see on this page. 

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