• Based on logicgreen 8F328 IC, which is 99% compatible with arduino used ATMEGA238P IC. (no guarantee fully compatible, the best is to buy a sample and test for your project).
  • Pre-loaded bootloder for the IC, you can directly upload sketch to use.
  • Support auto upload. Use FTDT FT232RL, CP2102, etc with DTR pin can auto upload like normal pro mini. Also a backup method for without DTR, just hold down RESET button when “compiling”, then release when “uploading”.
  • On board power LED, and D13 LED. Reset button.
  • All the same pro mini pins, but expand pins on side, please refer to datasheet to explore functions:
    • SWD SWC pins (programming port)
    • PE4 PE5 pins
  • No need external crystals, IC has 16Mhz crystal internal.
  • On board three way SMD jumper, RAW 5Vin – VCC – regulator 3.3V
    • Support 5V RAW as VCC directly in
    • Support regulated 3.3V as VCC, also can work for MCU
  • Same as promini:
    • A4, A5, A6, A7 is inside in the board.
    • Pull up reserved SMD resistors space for IIC on back side.


  • Better not used for experiment, your often daily programming learning or testing, although no problem, but if unexpected error cause the board bricked, you need special programmer to re-programme the bootloader.
  • Good to migrate to a low cost board instead of original expensive board.
  • Same way to upload sketch as pro mini, notice to choose the board
    • 8F328P – original IC bootloader, please use this one
    • 8F328D – compatible, can also upload code, but don’t know if any unknow error.
    • Pro mini – also can upload, but active very wired 🙂
  • Datasheet, board file (HSP 3.6C) please see here.


  • Buck order 17% off for more than 100pcs order. Please try sample first, and decide if all good to implement.
  • Will build next version TQFP-48 footprint IC, nearly same cost but more functions.
  • Logicgreen series ICs, programmer will be available later. Support pre-flash for 1K pieces order.

Other Note:

  • Crystal no placed default, the MCU can use internal clock for most cases.
  • Default power selection by 3-way jumper on board, default on 5V.


Additional information

Weight 0.005 kg

3 reviews for [price-up] EDMINI Dev. Board, Arduino Compatible

  1. 4 out of 5

    Wil Garou

    Appears to be compatible with Arduino 1.8 IDE and Pro Mini with ATm328P profile. Timing is a bit off; using the millis() function is not at all reliable for precise timing. I recommend using external oscillators or RTM modules for precise time functions.

    For €1.25, not bad. Useful for hobby applications, inexpensive permanent installations that aren’t timing sensitive or mission-critical.

    W.R. Garou
    Lune Wolf Engineering

  2. 4 out of 5


    Using the LGT8F328P as an Arduino Nano replacement.
    Am not able to get the EEPROM.h library to work. What is saved and what is read back from the same eprom memory address does not tie up. The reading error is also random. Sometimes one address will work 100% and then other times is’s a complete failure.
    PWM and AI (12bit) seems to work correctly.

  3. 3 out of 5

    Chao (store manager)

    Hi, Thanks for bringing up the questions. According to the databook,
    1. The LGT328P has 32KB flash, 2KB SRAM, but configurable EEPROM(shared with flash)
    2. It does not have independent EEPROM port from the flash, it can be set to simulate as shared EEPROM from flash. This probably need a initialization method, which is not same to standard arduino libarry.
    3. There is a method called “LPM” command to read the data structure.
    4. We are poor at code, we update a C demo code from EEPROM LGT328P in the git, please see here. Please also take look into the datasheet.
    Thank you. Best regards,

    • Chao (store manager)

      Please use latest HSP board files, it has demo sketch to use E2PROM.

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