EDMINI Dev. Board, Arduino Compatible

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  • Based on logicgreen 8F328 IC, which is 99% compatible with arduino used ATMEGA238P IC. (no guarantee fully compatible, the best is to buy a sample and test for your project).
  • Pre-loaded bootloder for the IC, you can directly upload sketch to use.
  • Support auto upload. Use FTDT FT232RL, CP2102, etc with DTR pin can auto upload like normal pro mini. Also a backup method for without DTR, just hold down RESET button when “compiling”, then release when “uploading”.
  • On board power LED, and D13 LED. Reset button.
  • All the same pro mini pins, but expand pins on side, please refer to datasheet to explore functions:
    • SWD SWC pins (programming port)
    • PE4 PE5 pins
  • No need external crystals, IC has 16Mhz crystal internal.
  • On board three way SMD jumper, RAW 5Vin – VCC – regulator 3.3V
    • Support 5V RAW as VCC directly in
    • Support regulated 3.3V as VCC, also can work for MCU
  • Same as promini:
    • A4, A5, A6, A7 is inside in the board.
    • Pull up reserved SMD resistors space for IIC on back side.


  • Better not used for experiment, your often daily programming learning or testing, although no problem, but if unexpected error cause the board bricked, you need special programmer to re-programme the bootloader.
  • Good to migrate to a low cost board instead of original expensive board.
  • Same way to upload sketch as pro mini, notice to choose the board
    • 8F328P – original IC bootloader, please use this one
    • 8F328D – compatible, can also upload code, but don’t know if any unknow error.
    • Pro mini – also can upload, but active very wired 🙂
  • Datasheet, board file (HSP 3.6C) please see here.


  • Buck order 17% off for more than 100pcs order. Please try sample first, and decide if all good to implement.
  • Will build next version TQFP-48 footprint IC, nearly same cost but more functions.
  • Logicgreen series ICs, programmer will be available later. Support pre-flash for 1K pieces order.

Other Note:

  • Crystal no placed default, the MCU can use internal clock for most cases.
  • Default power selection by 3-way jumper on board, default on 5V.


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1 review for EDMINI Dev. Board, Arduino Compatible

  1. Wil Garou

    Appears to be compatible with Arduino 1.8 IDE and Pro Mini with ATm328P profile. Timing is a bit off; using the millis() function is not at all reliable for precise timing. I recommend using external oscillators or RTM modules for precise time functions.

    For €1.25, not bad. Useful for hobby applications, inexpensive permanent installations that aren’t timing sensitive or mission-critical.

    W.R. Garou
    Lune Wolf Engineering

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