• Nrf24Duino is a arduino based board, with attached 2.4G nrf24l01+ wireless transceiver, low cost and design to work for short distance wireless communication.
  • In open area distance can reach 500 meters, but at indoors environment it can only make 10-50 meters transmission, Nrf24l01 has a bad capability the transmitting through walls.


  • On board control IC Atmega328, which is already flashed arduino bootloader and RF24 (getstartted) sketch.
  • On board 8M-bit (old 4M-bit) Winbond SPI Flash memory, use SPI flash library.
  • On board programming LED D9. No power LED.
  • Pre-soldered NRF24L01, not soldered pin headers. Find more information about this Nrf24l01 board here.
  • Low power guide when all put into sleep, power down to 10uA. Low power guide for customer see here.

R1.6 New Features:

  • Bootloader firmware change to Arduino Pro-mini 3V3/8M for low power purpose.
  • Power Pin are “3V3, GND, VIN, 3V3”, VIN pin can be disconnected, support to use boost or buck board, for example our mini boost board. Use two AA battery, board can keep working when power is drained down to 1.8V.
  • D9 programming LED can be disconnected by jumper.
  • Optimize for NRF24L01+ transmission range, range test can be found here.
  • NRF IRQ interrupt pin is NOT connected to arduino D2 interrupt pin, during our test it seems influence the range, so it is discarded in this version. Board can work all fine, but this function still not be able to be used.


  • Please be very aware the hang off of the NRF24L01, which could break permanently if too large force on it. Because there are only a row of pins hold the NRF module on the back.
  • Dimension 23x37mm, not stablable to arduino pro mini.
  • More recommanded version loraduino here.
  • Each purchase is for one board only.

Documentation on this page.

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5 reviews for Arduino Core Atmega328P + Nrf24l01 Board, Nrf24Duino

  1. rajbadri (verified owner)

    i have bought 2 modules of this item but can’t power it on. need help

  2. 4 out of 5


    Good boards. You can drive them from 5V via Vin, they are pretty compact and you can program them directly from the Arduino IDE. They work fine with the RF24 Arduino library.

  3. 5 out of 5

    ncollins (verified owner)

    These work great. I use them as nodes in my MySensor network.

  4. 1 out of 5

    Wade (verified owner)

    Worked when I first got it, but then it stopped working after I uploaded a new sketch.

  5. 3 out of 5

    Chao (store manager)

    The board are all tested before send, you can try to upload our demo sketch to try again. Also double check your pin definition in your sketch if it is all correct.

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