CC2500L – Long Distance Wireless Module PA+LNA


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CC2500L wireless module works at 2.4Ghz ISM/SRD free license band, use CC2500 multiple channels RF send/receiver IC from TI. CC2500 are designed for very low power consumption and low cost multiple wireless products, has very powerful digital signal processing feature, only using a low cost MCU can built up a high performance RF system, including very useful digital function, such as data packet handle, FIFO buffering, free channel evaluation and wireless wake up, etc, can widely use for consumer electronic products(wireless keypad, mouse, game console), wireless audio transmit (wireless speaker, earphone) etc.


  • Sensitivity: -110dBm@10KBPS at 1500 Meters
  • Output Power:20dBm  (100mW)
  • Operation voltage 3V- 3.6V, recommended near 3.3V, but not over 3.6V
  • 2.4Ghz ISM/SRD free license band
  • Highest operation data speed 500 kbps, support  2-FSK、GFSK and MSK modulation
  • High receive sensitivity: 1.2kbps @-115dBm,10kbps@-110dBm,250kbps@-100dBm,1% data packet error rate
  • Embedded CRC error-check and point to multiple points communication address control
  • Lowest power: TX:90mA @ 20dBm, 100mA @  250kbps
  • Programmable output power, the maxium power is 20 dBm, data speed can vary from 1.2kbps to 500kbps
  • Support low power electromagnetic activation function, external interrupt wake up, external interrupt or RTC wake up system
  • Support automatically cleaning channel visiting function before transmitting (CCA), which is carrier sense access
  • Rapid frequency changing and integration can bring very suitable frquency jumping system.
  • The address of module can be set by software, software program is very convenient.
  • Standard DIP interface for embedded system
  • Stand alone 64 bytes RX and TX data FIFO
  • Very few external components ensures high reliability
  • Modules works in open area 50-1500 meters
  • Module dimension: 17mm*32mm (not includes the external antenna)
  • Package includes the antenna


  • This module is ESD sensitive, so please be aware to do good ESD protection for it.
  • We would suggest to use 3.3 Power for, 5V can connect to it when you don’t consider about low power consumption.
  • This module has external power amplification circuit, so when  TXEN=1,RXEN=1 the module is sending, and  TXEN=0,RXEN=1 the module is receiving. More information please refer to CC2500 datasheet.

Documentation available on link.

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