• Seamless docking UNO development board
  • 4 LED indicators (LED indicator are very important for projects, with this indicator can be directly used to indicate the working status of the program to facilitate the program debugging.
  • U5 – DS18B20 / LM35 temperature sensor interface, you can do the temperature measurement experiment.
  • 3296 precision adjustable potentiometer, to provide analog port input (can be used to control the LED brightness, rotating steering gear angle, digital voltage, etc.)
  • U4 – Infrared integrated receiver, can be suitable for any infrared remote control experiment.
  • Four digital segment display (using 74HC595 drive province IO learning SPI), you can do digital tube display experiment (can display temperature, voltage, count, etc.).
  • Three independent buttons, a reset button, you can do key experiment (man-machine interface).
  • Buzzer can be used for sound experiment (can alarm, pronunciation, etc.)
  • Serial interface: Bluetooth, wireless interface, voice module, voice recognition module, can be used for wireless communication experiments
  • Servo gear interface, easy to drive the steering gear
  • Infrared detection interface.

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