Bluetooth Audio Transmitter & Receiver Board EMBT-S02


This is an Bluetooth audio board, can switch to play both role transmitter and receive. Based on CN JL bluetooth chips.

In transmitter role:

It similar that acting like your smartphone, sending audio source to bluetooth receiver audio box.

  • Support audio in from AUX_IN 3.5mm ack, and transmit out
  • Support audio in from speaker, and transmit out (for example like a bluetooth wireless microphone)
  • Support to send MP3 audio source from U disk playback (customize only, not available on this standard board)
For role as a bluetooth RX receiver:
  • Support dual sound channel output, so left +right
  • Support AUX 3.5mm output, to speaker.

Other Function:

  • Support to use as USB sound card and USB sound MIC
  • In chip battery charger circuit, support to use with battery.

More function is developing now, any updates we will update on wiki page. Also support customize.

Simple paring device, speaking via bluetooth demo please see here.

More documentation is building here.

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