Bluetooth Audio CSRA64215 I2S Breakout Board [Version]




Module can be found here.

Basic breakout on left:

  • On Board output pins from front left to right:
    • I2S interface: DATA, BCK, LRCK
    • Power interface: VDD, GND
    • Analog audio interface: OUT_R+, OUT_R-, OUT_L+, OUT_L-
  • Two type firmware for selection:
    • I2S version – pin to pin match our I2S DAC codec module
    • Analog output version – Need to connect to external amilifier
    • Can use our programmer to re-flash firmware.
  • On board two bluetooth status LEDs, default defined by factory firmware.
  • On board regulator 5V-3.3V for on board system.
  • On board delay boot circuit, which is needed by CSRA64215.
  • On board back side programmer interface, notice module pin not yet soldered for this.
  • Schematic available here.

Brasic breakout + Amplifier on right:

  • Based on basic version, added TI TPA6132 headphone stereo amplifier, can directly play to headphone, also can connect to amplifier.
  • Pin definition please see attached image. Notice two indicator LEDs already are on board.
  • Directly single-end AUX output, you can find a 3F07 or similar audio jack to play it.

Documentation please see wiki page.

Additional information

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Core Board/Breakout

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